ISS Facility Management

«Thanks to the experience of Akenza's technology specialists and our Digital Transformation team, coupled with our expertise in facility management, we have the best ability to deliver smart solutions to our customers.»
Giuseppe Cristofaro, Managing Director Sales and Business Development ISS Switzerland

How ISS is transforming facility management services with cognitive IoT

Akenza is developing innovative IoT solutions in the field of smart facility services with ISS, one of the world’s leading facility services companies.

    Win results
  • An intelligent algorithm maximises efficiency and minimises costs by dynamic allocation of cleaning personnel.
  • Smart floor management enables ISS customers to track and analyse workspace occupancy therefore optimising space management.
  • The dynamic cleaning solution is deployed on a dedicated ISS Microsoft Azure instance to meet highest data protection and security criteria.


«Swisscom’s leading role in the IoT market meant aligning with the right team for development of an “Agnostic Layer” to bring even better services to our customers. This deep integration enables a seamless management of multiple technologies like LoRaWAN and NB-IoT in one unified enterprise platform. We greatly appreciate Akenza’s creative and proactive work style as well as their agile approach to project management.»
Alexander Spengler, Product Framework Architect Swisscom Switzerland

Akenza Core enables Swisscom to unify their customer facing IoT services to one agnostic and powerful experience.

The Akenza Core enables Swisscom to build IoT services on top of the Akenza IoT stack.

    Win results
  • The agnostic connectivity manager unifies the administration of different connectivity technologies (e.g. LoRaWAN, NB-IoT, 5G) in one single platform.
  • The customer now has a one stop solution service from the Akenza Core with full integration of Swisscom’s IoT network servers and CMP.
  • With this unified IoT experience, Swisscom is now in the position to offer all of their IoT services in one solution.

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