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An array of innovations across the technology landscape have converged to make smart solutions technically and economically feasible. But building and supporting an IoT technology stack for smart, connected products requires a substantial investment and new skills that lead at some point in the process to a “make or buy” question.

Akenza provides you with an enterprise-ready component for the management of IoT connectivities, network operators, and devices, as well as with the connectors towards your existing systems, reducing your effort to implement smart device data into any application.

We are a central element to build your IoT solution, enabling the rapid market introduction of innovative, digital technologies.

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Featured projects

Solution live Track

Live Track waste management solution

NB-IoT connectivity and device management for Live Track smart waste and logistics solution.

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Solution gf

Connecting the +GF+ Hycleen System to the cloud

Upgrading an existing product with a new connectivity layer and remote monitoring capabilities.

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Solution soobr

Soobr smart cleaning platform

LoRaWAN connectivity and device management for Soobr smart cleaning platform.

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Solution iss

ISS service button

LoRaWAN service on demand button for ISS Facility Services.

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Solution astra LED

Air quality monitoring for schools and workplaces.

A smart light solution offering a didactic approach to the challenge of air quality monitoring in indoor spaces.

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Akenza people counting 2020 new

People counting solution.

A smart solution to reduce the risk of COVID-19 contamination in the workplace.

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